Tourism information

“Oodarumi Pass” is the tallest roadway for automobiles in Japan.
It takes about 30 minutes from Hotorinite (Lake otome).
*It is only open from June to the end of November.

The “Dream Garden” is a fifteen-minute walk from Oodarumi Pass parking lot.
You can enjoy breathtaking beautiful scenery from the 2,400m altitude.
It is like a dream, especially if you are there on a perfect night
to see the sky full of stars from Dream Garden and around Otome Lake.

There is an outside hot spring “Hottarakashi no yu” which was selected as
the hot spring with the best view in Japan.
(It takes 35 minutes by car from the inn.)
Yamanashi has many hot springs well known for its rich mineral contents.
They contain eight out of the ten most essential minerals present in
natural hot springs.
There are many other outdoor hot springs
with great views worth visiting for day trips.

Clean water is one of Yamanashi Prefecture’s natural treasures.
We have the highest production of mineral water, peaches,
grapes and wines in Japan.
You can enjoy the best fruits and wines in the country.
Yamanashi is a Fruit Kingdom.
We will be more than happy to introduce you to local wineries
or orchards where you can enjoy wineries and fruit picking.
We can also make reservations for a sightseeing taxi upon request.
We hope to provide you with experiences unique to Yamanashi,
but please understand there may be times we cannot fulfill your requests
as some things are beyond our control.

Mt. Kinpu is over 2,500m high, ranked as the third most popular mountain for
viewing Mt.Fuji from a distance and climbing in Japan.
It is also the most popular mountain in the Koshinetsu region.


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