About Children's Day

We allow children to stay one night only on May 5th, “Childrenʼs Day”.
Itʼs for guests with children. (Babies under 12 months are allowed to stay)

Guests will be decided by a lottery system; we accept submissions from
the previous Childrenʼs Day a year before.
Please contact us via E-mail.
We will inform you the details on Twitter. The results will be announced
two months before May 5th.

“Guidelines for May 5th”
1. Please be aware of where your children are at all times as
there are many dangerous spots around the inn.
2. We have some expensive items inside of the inn.
Please be careful not to touch or break anything.
3. Please understand that you have to pay for laundry services or
compensate the cost of items in case of clothing accidents.
4. We do not accept cancellations. In the rare case that you have to,
please forward your reservation to your most trusted friends to
take your place.

Accommodation fees for children are the same with adults.
(number of people ×10,000yen without tax)
At most we can accommodate 10 people. Depending on the size of your party please
understand that you may be divided into two rooms.
In some cases we may not be able to accommodate you at all if your party is too big.
Please feel free to ask and discuss it with us.

*We use a Text Random Tool as a random lottery system to keep things fair.


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